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2011-11-18 15:46 Watch Instructions

These directions are to set my watch. It is a Casio 2790 and since I only mess with it a few times a year, I tend to forget.

  1. Press the lower left button until you're in time mode. Time mode has the time, the abbreviation for the day and a seconds indication. Pressing the upper left button in time mode shows the full date.
    • In timekeeping mode, with the time displayed, you can hold down the lower left button to toggle the 24 hr clock
  2. Press the upper left button and hold it until the seconds flash
  3. Use the lower left button to move between hours, minutes, seconds and date entries. Use the lower right to reset or change them. 
    • Pressing and holding the upper right button will turn on or off the three second illumination option
To adjust the watch hands
Hand-setting mode is shown as HS; press the lower left button to get to handset mode then hold down the upper left button until the time starts blinking. Then use the lower right button to advance the hands. If a large adjustment is necessary, hold down the lower right button until the hand starts to move then press the upper right button to lock the advancing hands mode on.