This is a list of my favorite and regular web comics.

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Generally inoffensive
Daily or Mon - Fri
  • Dilbert - One of the most widely read office humor comics, with good reason
  • The Argyle Sweater - Sort of a Far Side inspired comic, some hits and some misses
  • XKCD - (Mon,Wed,Fri) Odd humor, often funny math or science, despite how hard that is to believe.
    (Mouse-over for extra content, or see the forum or explanations. Also interesting is the Thursday What If article.)
Viewer beware
Daily or Mon - Fri
  • Questionable Content - lots of romantic confusion and anthropomorphic, robotic computers (related: Alice Grove)
  • Evil Inc. - Satiric business humor meets comic superheros
  • SMBC - Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is mostly shock humor, terribly funny or terrible, sometimes both (red button for extra content)
  • Least I Could Do - Imagine a twelve year old's ideal man, now pretend he has friends.
  • Cyanide and Happiness - often funny, often disturbing, sometimes depressing
  • Wulfmorgenthaler - Often offensive, rarely very funny, but occasionally hilarious 
Picture Dumps
Rare updates
  • The Oatmeal - A brilliant and perhaps slightly unhinged look at many things, including grammar
  • - there is a pigeon and a bear
Either not turning out new stuff or I'm not keeping up anymore
  • iFunny - bunch more pictures
  • Sluggy Freelance - A saga of magic, bad science and a foul tempered lop bunny wielding a switch-blade
  • TextFromDog - Ever regret teaching your dog to use text messages?
  • Cow and Boy - Mostly about a talking cow and his friend - no longer making new comics
  • or latest - Remember that thing somebody said in a chat room on IRC or Yahoo or Google or something? This is a collection of those, sometimes beyond offensive
  • NikNaks Blog - formerly another funny picture site, now apparently gone
  • Don't Feed the Geek - Tales from an IT geek with two girl children (no, it isn't me.) - And his struggle as he found and eventually lost a battle with a brain tumor.
  • Goblins - What if the Goblins weren't really the bad guys?
  • Girls With Slingshots - Alternate lifestyles, a talking catcus, lots of poor decisions (doing reruns now)
  • Popstrip - Usually stick figures with a bent sense of humor
  • I Can Haz Cheezburger - cat pictures with humorous captions
  • d-lol - a bundle of pictures, not necessarily safe for work or your sense of well being
  • lolsnaps - more funny pics
  • Ugly Tattoos - very um... interesting
  • Daily Haha - another bunch of pictures
  • Dork Tower - Sort of an iggy meets nerds theme
  • Basic Instructions - Sometimes men need to be told how to manage the basic stuff in life, this might do that some day (re-runs)
  • Doghouse - Simple stick figures, complex issues
  • PassiveAgressiveNotes - what it says on the tin
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del - Nerd and gamer humor
  • RaphComic - May be dark

Not exactly comics, but fun (depending on your geekiness)