Homemade Software

From time to time, I have a job that I want to accomplish and I can't find something that does exactly what I want. In most cases, I try to modify something that is close to do what I want or find another way to do it, but sometimes, I make up a solution to do exactly what I want.

Software you find here is not really written with the goal of making sales or suiting someone else's needs. If you decide to use it as an example, I can say only that it is my own work built on examples found all over the Internet. There is no warranty and there is no guarantee. It is not expected to fulfill a purpose and it will almost certainly need adjustment before it does anything useful for you. In many cases, I delete things that I know I don't need or turn off things that I know I don't need. My computers are different from yours and there is a reasonable chance that what works for me will not only not work for you, but it might even do damage to your stuff.

With all that said, if you want to use what I have here for examples to build your own solutions, or just learn from it, or even just to get a good geeky laugh, then you're welcome to it.