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Monday, June 8, 2009, 09:14 AM

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We have a dev server where I'm trying to find a friendly, easy to maintain and sufficiently powerful CMS to replace the system we are currently using. Currently we are testing:

* Bigace CMS

* Bloofox CMS

* CMS Made Simple

* Drupal

* Joomla

All have proven fairly easy to set up and get started with. In the process I've started and backed out of an installation of Plone because it apparently requires significant upkeep and backed out of an installation of Metadot because it didn't seem to work with the Oracle installation. (I suspect the problem is with my Oracle install so this may be revisited.)

In the Joomla set-up it wants an FTP account. I'm trying to get a VSFTP server just right for this. I like vsftp both by experience and reputation. It can be tricky though to do an install where the user credentials are external and chroot to directories by specification rather than name. Nonetheless that is what I'm attempting.

With that in mind, here are some handy vsftp links:

# http://vsftpd.beasts.org/

# http://viki.brainsware.org/?en/Virtual_Users_simple

# http://www.vsftpdrocks.org/

# http://viki.brainsware.org/?en/Home

Follow-up: After a lot of reading and checking on the CentOS install options for PAM (which doesn't include the one that will handle file based authentication) and considering the database system, I decided instead to go with the easiest configuration. I added the user: ftpjoomla and set it so that the user's home directory is the website base directory I'm aiming for, made their shell /sbin/nologin and set group on all files as joomla, made ftpjoomla a member of joomla, set +rw on all files in the joomla installation and set the vsftpd.conf to this: