2014-02-19 An Open Letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Dear dear Tom Wheeler:

Thank you. Thank you for listening, thank you for caring, for taking the time. I am a little person, such a small voice but I am legion. I am the man who loves his children and his wife and goes to work every day hoping that tomorrow will be a good day, that the world I will live in tomorrow will be a better one than today, at the very least as good as today. I am the man who sustains hope. Your actions are projected in the press and you give me hope.

You fight for the freedom of the little man to get the enlightenment from the internet that he can. Someone, some small voice, whispers in your ear that the internet and the people who provide it are important, worthy of protection. That voice, whether the voice of a seemingly unimportant functionary or just your personal Jiminy Cricket, whispers to you. Thank you for listening.

I am tempted to list a variety of articles on the very thing you are trying to protect which support my conclusions but I trust you know them at least as well as I do. I hope, perhaps vainly, that a Google search or watch for your name brings you to this page and I shall depend on that alone. So I will pass on that, and simply plead.

Please Mr. Wheeler, do not lose hope, do not give up, protect the internet from the evils of capitalism (which I love) in favor of the little man, the little voice, me.