2011-03-05 00:59 Freedom means people are allowed to suck

Post date: Jul 25, 2011 1:15:46 AM

Many of us, and I include myself here, were appalled to find out that people are picketing funerals of our fallen military heros. These people suck.

As bad as they suck, the Supreme Court upheld their right to protest. It sounds like an assault on common decency, but there is more to it than you may have heard.

From a summary of the case: "The members of Westboro picketed 1,000 feet away from the church where the funeral was held in accordance with law enforcement directives. The protest took place on public land."

Not much of anybody wants to defend the actions of Westboro, but many of us defend the rights. Freedom of speech is about the rights of people to do things that other people don't like, be it common citizens, the military, or the government.

Personally, I find their actions loathsome and despicable to an extreme. I sincerely hope that they do break the law and are held accountable when they do so. I am glad however, that even the worst of us have rights.