Stages of Server Admin Grief

Background: We're in the process of switching hardware for our main file server at work. I've been doing testing and getting everything organized for the move. As part of the plan, I moved our own departments stuff from the old hardware to the new hardware first. It seemed to go well, but the permissions on the old server don't necessarily copy over and we need them to. As I continued working to find the solution, I found that robocopy in Server 2008 can handle copying the permissions over. After testing copying of several other departments, I confirmed that it works as it should and cleaned out the new hardware to get ready for the move.

You might not have spotted the horrible error in that, it too me a minute to. See, I moved our department for testing where I was copying the other departments. Cleaning the new server off meant that we would need to copy everything over from the start, except when you move something, you don't have the original copy. In short, I deleted my own department's files. Now the good news is that I believe in backups. Even better, I have an understanding boss and nothing significant (maybe nothing at all) failed to be backed up.

Still, in those first few moments, I discovered how fast it is possible to go through the stages of grief for an a server admin:

Second 1: shock and denial: "what, no, it must be there, my folder... I must just need to refresh... "

Second 4: pain and guilt: crap, crap, crap, it IS gone, I did delete it, oh no I deleted everybody's stuff

Second 7: anger and bargaining: why didn't it ask me if I really wanted to do that? Seriously windows! Okay, whatever it takes, just please please give it back and I'll never say a cross word about Microsoft again

Second 8: depression and reflection: This is it, I really blew it this time, I was feeling all confident and stuff and this is what happens

Second 9-10: acceptance: okay, it is gone. Ctrl+Z doesn't bring it back. Nothing brings it back. That is going to suck. I'll have to figure out how to deal with what I have.