Bread recipes

We are creators!

There is something in humans that drives us to create. Some of us write, others paint and some of us build things. The drive to create something we are proud of is universal. I love to paint, and I enjoy drawing and sometimes I try my hand at writing. Most of the creation I do is with ideas blended together in patterns and expressed with letters, words and symbols with the end goal of a computer program doing useful work. Sometimes, when it comes together the way I envisioned it and the patterns are both efficient and logical, I am proud to call myself a programmer.

But my favorite way to enjoy art is to eat it. People who create food that is beautiful and tasty and satisfying are creating the most fundamental art that you can share. I was surprised when I discovered that tech aficionados are also people who love to create complex foods. I've witnessed discussions where the lords among geeks discussed their techniques and procedures for creating beer, vinegar and pretty much everything in between.

I highly recommend creating your own pasta if you haven't before. I took a class to learn how, but it is so simple you should just watch a youtube video and go for it. At some point, I need to share my experiences and what has worked best for me.

For now though, I'm going to content myself with sharing what is, for me, one of the most magical things in the world: the meeting of flour with yeast. I love baking all sorts of bread. I love the experience of kneading, the magic that happens when yeast turns flour into dough. The anticipation when you're waiting on the rise. The smell of a house where bread is baking. The beauty of a loaf or roll as it turns golden brown. Steam raising from a fresh roll when it has just emerged from the oven or the first slice of a loaf.