2011-06-09 11:32 Garbage google results

Post date: Jul 25, 2011 1:30:36 AM

I wanted to schedule a task to happen once a minute, and I needed to set up the schedule with a command line so I searched Google for schtask "once a minute" and clicked the first likely link. It took me to http://my.safariIGNORETHISbooksonline.c ... tically/55 which is obviously just a cut and paste of the help that you get anytime you type in schtasks at the command line.

This is a zit on the face of the internet. The actual company might have been interesting to me had I not experienced them this way but now I'm angry at Google for giving me a link to them and I'm angry about what they're doing to try to get traffic from Google.

I like the thought of thousands of digital books and I like the trial free subscription, but I hope they go out of business as quickly as possible because I loathe companies that lie in order to get customers.

Note that the link is deliberately not correct because I don't want a link from my site to them. I don't want any association between my site and theirs execpt to say how much they suck.